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2011 Mall Ball

National Ballroom Dance Week! 2011 Mall Ball Sunday, September 18!

Our vision for the 2011 Mall Ball celebrating National Ballroom Dance Week was for the general public to see the general public, our chapter members, doing what they love to do . . . dance. In addition to our chapter members, our dancers included dance professionals and their students. We sincerely thank them for participating as well.

Demonstrations were presented by our chapter members and included Tango, Rumba, East Coast Swing, Samba, Cha Cha, Foxtrot, a Samba line dance, Bolero, Merengue, and Waltz. Between performances, we invited the audience to join us for general dancing; and, many of them did.

To view video clips, please click on link or copy and paste: (Jean and Henry - Waltz) (Marty and Jerry - Cha Cha) (Sandee and Kevin - International Rumba) (Cara and Kevin - Salsa) (Polly and Jerry - Tango) (Caleb and Lois - Bolero) (Jean B and Jerry - Foxtrot) (Natalina and Charles - Cha Cha) (Ann and Jerry - Samba) (Marta and Richard - Waltz) (Kyra and Pete - Salsa) (Tom and Jo - Swing) (Bob and Diana - Hustle/Disco) (Caleb and Edna - Foxtrot) (Marta and Jerry - Bolero) (Cara and Kevin - Merengue/Bachata) (Jo and Tom - Rumba) (Caleb and Shirley - Paso Doble) (Valerie and John P - Nightclub 2-Step) (Bob and Diana - Tango) (Kyra and Pete - Bachata) (Caleb and Elizabeth - West Coast Swing) (Branden and Mary Ann) (Ann and John L - Swing) (Caleb and Margaret - Tango) (Natasha and Robert - Mambo) (Marta and Tom - Viennese Waltz) (Marta and Jerry - Paso Doble) (Caleb and Jackie - Viennese Waltz) (Natasha and Robert - Swing) (Jerry - Norma - Alea - Merengue) (Samba Line Dance Led by Jean) (General Dancing No. 1) (General Dancing No. 2) (General Dancing No. 3)