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Presidents Message August 2011

You are probably not surprised to learn that I am trying to motivate my "day job" friends to take dance lessons. One who is interested but has not yet taken that first step recently asked me, "Marta, what is the hardest part about learning to dance. Be honest." And, I was. The hardest part about learning to dance is SHOWING UP FOR THE LESSON. From there, it is the instructor's responsibility to provide you with the infomation and modeling necessary to accomplish the step or pattern. What is the next most important part of learning to dance? CONTINUING TO SHOW UP FOR LESSONS. Everyone can learn to dance. But, as with all things, you must keep at it. And, you must take advantage of opportunities to practice your new dance skills. Lessons alone will not take you where you want to go with your dancing.

A good place to start? Our Tuesday night beginning lessons sponsored by our chapter at a cost of only $5 per person per lesson, paid in full at the first of the lessons. Why? So, you will come back. (Smile) And, then, of course, our twice per month chapter dances and all those other dances around town.

It is time for our current members to be thinking about what dance(s) they would like to demonstrate at our Mall Ball on Sunday, September 18, at the Volusia Mall. Specific Information will be forthcoming soon.

Last, but not least, thank you to Frank Anderson of The Ballroom who is allowing current members of our chapter to enjoy The Ballroom on any night for $6 per person with no membership to The Ballroom required. We appreciate you, Frank.

Keep on dancing!