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The local media spokesperson for the USA Dance #6026 Greater Daytona Chapter is Marta Pascale, President. Her contact information can be found on the home page.

The media's one-stop resource for information about the benefits of Social Dancing and the growing number of recreational dancers, the exciting world of competitive DanceSport and the athletes that make it happen can be found at the Press Center at our national website which strives to keep you informed regarding the amazing number of students in colleges, high schools, and middle schools who are discovering ballroom dance and DanceSport.

The following pages on the national USA Dance website provide background information for use by the media when preparing articles or features that focus on ballroom dancing and DanceSport.

Information on USA DANCE provides an overview and basic background information. Access this article from our home page under About USA Dance.

Benefits of Dance for Adults tells of the many benefits and enhancements to life when ballroom dancing is an adult's avocation, pastime, or hobby. On some social occasions, it is almost essential to be able to dance well.

Benefits of Dance for Youth and College Dancers tells how youths and college students have discovered ballroom dancing and DanceSport in a big way and of the benefits involved. Students give ballroom dancing their top ratings of "neat" and "cool."

Activities of Chapters tells of the many grass roots activities of our chapters in communities all over the country. Access this article and more information about our network under Chapters & Regions.

Growth and New Image tells about the explosive growth and changing image in ballroom dancing that is underway all over the United States. All age groups and social levels are involved. Thousands of new dancers are adopting this healthful and enjoyable recreational activity and sport.

History of USA DANCE tells how we started, our activities and growth since then, as well as the focus of our current activities. Our Membership provides some statistics on membership and growth. Access this article from our home page under About USA Dance.