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DVD Lending Library of Dance DVDs

Available DVDs include the following:

American Style Smooth:
Waltz - Bronze and Silver
Foxtrot - Bronze, Silver and Gold
Tango - Bronze, Silver and Gold
Tango - Silver Variations
Viennese Waltz - Bronze, Silver and Gold
Foxtrot Variations

American Style Rhythm:
Cha Cha - Bronze, Silver, and Gold
Cha Cha Variations

Rumba - Bronze, Silver, and Gold

East Coast Swing - Bronze, Silver, Gold and Variations

Samba - Bronze and Silver

Mambo - Bronze and Silver

Mambo - Bronze and Silver Variations

Bolero - Bronze and Silver

International Style:
Tango - Bronze

Quickstep - Bronze, Silver and Gold

Viennese Waltz - Bronze to Gold, Gold

Additional Dances:
Anyone Can Dance - Single Time Swing
Anyone Can Dance - Tango

Latin Nightlife

Hand Shines

Argentine Tango - Beginning, Intermediate, Advanced

Night Club Two-Step - Bronze, Silver

West Coast Swing - Beginning to Intermediate and Silver, Gold

Merengue - Bronze, Silver and Variations

Salsa - Bronze, Silver & Gold by Jose De Camps

Ladies Salsa Styling and Technique by Jami Josephson

Hustle - Bronze, Silver

Paso Doble - Bronze, Silver and Gold

Country Western Two Step- Bronze, Silver & Gold

Jive - Advanced I & II Gold by Corky Ballas

Intermediate Ballroom Building Blocks:
(How to stand, move, swing, turn, common mistakes, timing and musicality
and a few words about Tango.)