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Line Of Dance

What is Line Of Dance? Something That Some of Us Don't Do!

By Dr. Lefty Killjoy, F.B.R.T.C.* (Fellow Ballroom Traffic Cop) (John Davis)
Imagine driving in the left lane on 1-95 at 40 mph while the rest of traffic is doing 70 mph? Or worse, imagine being completely stopped or backing up in the left lane under similar traffic circumstances?
In Smooth Ballroom Dances, the same principles apply for the Foxtrot, Waltz,Quick Step and all traveling dances. The outside lane is the 'passing lane' reserved for those dancers continuously traveling forward in a counterclockwise (line of dance) LOD direction. "Heck, I know what you say", and most of us do. Unfortunately some of us, especially the non/or minimally ballroom trained individuals violate these general rules.
Romeo whose preoccupation with ear lobe nibbling renders him catatonically in LOD.
The Street Dancer who impresses his lady with static steps in the LOD.
The Bulldozer & Finesse trained dancers who just plow their way through oblivious to who they knock off and never look back let alone apologize!
The Musician, who understands the mathematical structure of music, while Quick Step and Viennese Waltz dancers are doing their stuff at 60 mph., he cuts the time in half and does it in "Slo Mo". He is so proud of himself?
Occasionally there is the Professional, who performs "static amalgamations" in the L.O.D. and that, is unforgivable!
Last, but not least, those who Park in the corners, which are reserved for movement such as the delicious fall-aways, spin turns, etc. Under crowded conditions those of us who have long continuous sequence amalgamations end up spending half of our thoughts avoiding collisions rather than dancing. That is not fun! How much more joy we would receive if "We could just dance".
So Please, Put Some "Floor" Thought Into Your Dancing:
When smooth dancing obey the rules of Line of Dance Etiquette as suggested on the diagram. If you want to travel, stay on the outside of the floor. If you prefer to take it slower then move to the inner lane. If you want to spot dance then go to the center of the dance floor and leave the outer lanes open to traffic. Study the Dance Etiquette diagram; cut it out and post it next to your dance schedule. Be aware of it and do something about it? If someone blocks your LOD. kick Him, not Her in the shins
A "Quick Sorry" accompanied by an apologetic smile goes a long way in preserving good humor rather than ignoring a collision!