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So You Think You Want To Learn To Dance

Tom Sanders

So You Think You Want To Learn To Dance by Tom Sanders, Chapter Secretary

The Ballroom Dance rage is in full swing. We see it on TV. We read about it in newspapers and periodicals. We open our internet browser and there it is staring us in the face. You have undoubtedly watched a YouTube video or two. You have probably even received an email intended to astound you with unbelievable talent displayed by friends, family and even unknown couples that have made you smile. I'll bet you dollars to donuts you have even considered taking a stab at it yourself. So! What is holding you back! Oh! I Know! You have two left feet! Or dancing is girlie! Or I don't have time for that kind of stuff! Well, consider these rebuttals to your excuses!
 If you can walk forward and backward, do a side to side step (like you do when getting to that middle seat in the movie theater), and rock step back and forth (like putting that baby to sleep), then you have the basic skills to dance.
 Guys, if you think dancing is girlie, take a look around you! Do those gentlemen on the dance floor look miserable to you? Or are they enjoying a wonderful moment with a lovely lady who is smiling and also enjoying three minutes of a special man's attention.
 Ladies! Be Girlie! Where can you meet a more outgoing gentleman whose goal is to impress you for three minutes with his ability to dance?
 Don't have time! Turn off the TV! Plan a little ME time! If you do an ounce of research, every noted periodical will encourage you to make time for yourself if you want to enjoy life, reduce stress and stay healthy. What better way can you think of to get your recommended daily exercise?
Ok, so now that I have appealed to your sense of reason, let's talk about what is available to you! If you are reading this, you are already sold on the Greater Daytona Chapter of USA Dance #6026. (By the way, we are the National Chapter of the Year!) Your job is to share this article with your friends and acquaintances! Beginners and veteran dancers alike are flocking to take part in the Greater Daytona Chapter sponsored beginning dance Lessons. (Go to for additional information). Each week, Marta Pascale, Chapter President and certified dance instructor, provides basic and beyond patterns in a selected ballroom or Latin dance. Have you attended any? Affordable (only $5 per person per lesson) is not the correct adjective for these quality lessons! And the profit goes right back into the Chapter bank account. HEY! This is your opportunity to try it out! With a supportive teacher and experienced Chapter members to assist, you have little to stress about! Follow up on these lessons by attending the Chapter dances scheduled twice per month, and by taking advantage of Wednesday practice night at the Ballroom in Ormond Beach, also sponsored by the Chapter. (Go to for additional information.)
Who knows (we do!), soon you will be hooked! The smiles get broader, the confidence gets higher, and your partner is smiling at YOU! It might even lead to private lessons or additional group lessons. Check out the list of local dance instructors and studios on our website
This rage is not going away too soon! It is not a fad and for many it has become a way of life! Married couples have found the friend they married years ago! Singles have found romance! Many have lost weight, lowered blood pressure and regained overall health! Some have even planned vacations around this activity (see National USA Dance Cruise opportunity from So what are you waiting for! Get off the couch and realize that you really do want to learn to dance the Cha Cha, Rumba, Tango, Waltz, Foxtrot, Salsa, Swing, Samba, Hustle, West Coast Swing, Bachata and, and, and…. See you on the Dance Floor!