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What Would We Do Without Henry?

Tom Sanders (Chapter Secretary)

"What Would We Do Without Henry"
By Tom Sanders
Next time you attend a USA Dance function, just reflect on the title of this month's Center Stage article! WWWDWOH! Whether it be at a USA Dance at Silver Sands or the Annual Mall Ball or an Outreach Event entertaining those not as fortunate as we are or, most recently, on a cruise ship hosting USA Dancers from across America, the truth is WWWDWOH?
Many of you know Henry as the mild mannered southern gentleman who seems to stand in the background with his warm personality that make us all feel welcome whenever we encounter him. Well, here is the rest of the story.
If this were a television program, his introduction would be "He scales mountains in a single bound! It's a plane! It's a train! It's Super Henry!"
Isn't it nice how everything is set up for our USA Dances? The music, the seating, the lighting, the air-conditioning. How does all this happen? Henry makes it happen! Even an open space that originally is a shopping mall walkway becomes an area for dancing with quality sounding music to perform to. Yeah! You got it now! Henry made it happen! On a cruise ship, who turns areas not designed for dance classes and special evening dance events into dance memories? Yep! There goes Henry again.
You think just anyone can do this? Well, let me be the first to give Henry the praise he deserves! Even when the best laid plans of mice and men go awry, we can look to Henry for some creative solution. Henry has the electrical expertise and the creative answers, even when those specifically in charge of the venue are stumped. Sometimes, we ask where is Henry? He is likely sacrificing his own enjoyment to take care of details that guarantee our enjoyment.
The most amazing thing is, unless you know Henry, you don't even see it happening or any one scurrying about in a panic to make it happen. This southern gentleman in his mild-mannered way has already played Superman and all is well. So! Thank You, Henry Eure! We who depend on you every day acknowledge WWWDWOH!