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Eye on the National Chapter Conference

Jean Krupa (National Social Dance Vice President)

When I took the position of Social Dance Vice President seven years ago, I wanted to make a difference: to help chapters grow and to reduce some of their conflicts (situations that I found recurring in chapters after serving as an area coordinator for the state of Florida for nearly eleven years) that could be avoided with the right knowledge. To that end, I organized the National USA Dance Chapter Conference. The 6th National USA Dance Chapter Conference was held in Irvine, California at the Airport Hilton. It has been a rewarding experience for me. So many chapter leaders are so appreciative of having the education, the chance to meet other chapter leaders and the national leaders that make up our organization.

I arrived two days ahead to get adjusted to the time change and because there was shopping to be done. No, not that kind of shopping… supplies for the conference. I was met by Jerry Hernandez, President of the Los Angeles Chapter, who served as my chauffeur for the weekend. Bobbi Jo Gamache, past Director of Chapter Liaison from Michigan, was there and we had a lovely time catching up and shopping for supplies.

The conference started the next evening with approximately 70 members of USA Dance who attended the meet and greet and welcome dance. Friday and Saturday were chock full of seminars, ending in a pleasant dinner dance each evening.

On Sunday, I conducted the Social Dance Council meeting attended by the District Directors from around the country. After adjourning, there were six of us who remained until Monday, so President Jerry found us an afternoon Tea Dance to attend.

The goal of this conference is to provide important information to chapter leaders. It is recommended that each chapter budget for at least one chapter leader to be able to attend this educational and fun networking opportunity.

For more information, contact Jean Krupa at or read more about the seminars and details of the speakers at the event in the next issue of American Dancer magazine.

Note: We are fortunate in our chapter that Jean has been attending as the organizer, Marta has been attending as a Presenter, and when Henry has attended, he has been a volunteer/trouble shooter so our chapter has not incurred expenses for us to attend the conference.