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CENTER STAGE with Jo and Tom Sanders

Welcome to CENTER STAGE with Jo and Tom Sanders

Who is that red hot mama and her prince charming? Meet Jo and Tom Sanders. You have probably become familiar with these USA Dance members over the last couple of years as you watched them burning up the dance floor. This dynamic duo have been on the go together for more than 40 years, first living in the heart of New York City and Brooklyn, and then traversing the continent to California and now calling Florida home. When they are not dancing, their other enjoyment of life is traveling as frequently as possible to New York or San Francisco to enjoy their children and grand-children or cruising different ports around the world. No matter where they travel, they have found dance to be the universal language that brings people together.

Dancing has been a part of their lives from their teenage years and throughout their life together. Jo performed in jazz dance ensembles as a young adult in New York and Tom performed musical theatre in New York and California. They passed the love of performance to their offspring and both their children and grand-children have been involved in different theatre/musical castings. Tom and his daughter have even performed together in the San Francisco Musical Theatre Company.

Tom notes other life benefits that he directly attributes to dancing. He states, "It's been good for my health!" He has been able to lose weight, gain control of his blood sugar, and lower blood pressure from the exercise of simply having a good time dancing and sharing happiness and accomplishment with his wife Josephine. Tom and Jo have taken their dancing to the next level with exhibitions and competitions which creates the drive and motivation to learn, practice and fine tune their dancing abilities. They hold in the highest esteem their dance instructors who have encouraged their potential and extended the special friendships that develop the dance community. Tom and Jo say that no other activity has ever provided them with so much enjoyment.

Tom and Jo's most outstanding dance of their lives though was when they met in January 1970 at Club Cloud Nine A Go Go. Jo's initial Yes to a dance lead to the ultimate I Do! Throughout the courtship, Tom sang his way into Jo's heart with Frank Sinatra songs while working his family's Fruit and Vegetable business. His future sister-in-law even nicknamed him The Singing Banana Man.

Tom and Jo enjoy various styles of music and name Michael Buble as one of their favorites, but are always open to new artists, anyone who sparks the excitement in them to dance.

Tom and Jo continue to work on their performances representing Daytona Salsa and as students of Jerry Lawrence Dance Studio.

If you ask Tom and Joe, Why Dance? They will tell you, the music, the people, the challenge, the feeling of accomplishment, the passion of life. That is the wonderful philosophy of Tom and Jo Sanders.