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CENTER STAGE with Fred and Sue Ouellette

CENTER STAGE with Fred and Sue Ouellette

Flash back to the year 1985 to a restaurant called Dino's on Seabreeze Blvd. A blind date brings Sue and Fred together to begin their dancing partnership that has spanned more than 26 years. That night, they danced a Cha Cha that introduced Sue to the world of ballroom dancing, as Fred had already started his dancing at a New York dance studio at the end of WW2. Interestingly, Sue had actually been held as a baby by Fred Astaire during a visit by him to her parents' home in England. So, the foundation for dancing was laid early on in Sue's life with parents in the performing arts. But until she met Fred, that spark didn't unite! Fred and Sue say that particular Cha Cha was not only their first dance but also their most memorable dance. Other dances they have practiced and enjoy now are the Foxtrot for the flow and smoothness and the dramatic American Tango that they have performed at public performances.

Fred and Sue's intense interest in dance with the constant search for good dance venues and music, led them to the first organized chapter in the Daytona Beach area, USABDA; andthey immediately become members. In those days, the USABDA chapter met at Sica Hall in Holly Hill. Because Fred and Sue wanted to be an integral part of the growth, Fred served as secretary of the the chapter for several years. Fred and Sue both served as volunteers for the organization for many years after and continue to this day with our USA Dance chapter. Thank you from all of us for your many years of commitment and contribution.

When asked what was important about being part of a dance chapter, Fred and Sue responded: An organized chapter provides a safe, social atmosphere where people with like interests can grow with lessons and opportunities to interact will all levels of dance. Also with numerous chapters throughout the country, a dancer always has a "home away from home" to include dancing in their travels.

While dancing is a mainstay of activity in their busy lives, Fred and Sue also extend their interests enjoying movies and critiquing Dancing With the Stars together. Sue also spends time with the performing arts in our community, while Fred continues to add to his 66 years of active ham radio operator status and also has some on-going workshop projects.

Fred and Sue ended our interview sharing a number of thoughts with me that they felt had contributed to their dancing partnership and living life to the fullest.

1. Have a GOOD sense of humor!
2. Practice, practice, practice if you want to be good!
3. Invest in your future - take lessons!
4. Keep a positive attitude and find others who share the same feeling.

Say hello to Fed and Sue when you see them; and, of course, ask them to share a dance with you.