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Center Stage with Ed Lometti

Tom Sanders

Hey, Old Man!

An Amazing Story of Joy, Happiness and Wisdom

By Tom Sanders

I met a man, Ed Lometti, and he danced for us! Across the floor! You may remember a song that started with words somewhat similar. It was about a very special gentleman that touched a lot of people with his love for life and dance. Well! I have to tell you today about such a man who has ingratiated himself to USA Dance and the dance community in the greater Daytona area.

I was privileged to see Ed dance to a song called Hey, Old Man! He may be 80 something, but he doesn't act like an old man. In fact, he doesn't even think like an old man. However his joy and wisdom are some things I wish everyone reading this could experience for themselves. Here are the words to that song. Read and reflect because they describe him well.

Who you callin' an old man? Must be me… I'm old, but I'm FUN! Said old man to a good lookin' girl,
I've been around this great big world. I got a home on the hill. Part of that's mine. I got the money and got lots of time! Well, I ain't too old to cut the rug anymore. I still get around like I did before.
So come along with me, my sweet, sweet one. I'm an old man lookin' for fun. Better find it too!
What I can do now most young men can't. There ain't a time that I can't thank.
So come along with me most any ole night. I'm an old man doin' all right. Yes, I is! OLD MAN!

He danced across the floor that night and inspired many who thought dancing was a dream of the past. While speaking with Ed, he confided in me that his intent that night was to say to those who have doubt and think they are too old and shouldn't try that "if I can do it so can you!" He continued by saying "it is not only possible but fun, rewarding and exhilarating." I also learned that this amazing person had also performed Tango and Waltz in previous showcases.

He now admits "My dancing days are numbered," and in jest he continued, "I am no longer the nimble Donald O'Connor I once was." Donald was always his favorite. Then, he shared his wisdom in a phrase that he coined "Dancing Diminishes Dementia," and of this he is living proof.

So, what made this distinguished gentleman take up dance. After all, would you expect a former FBI agent of 25 years (under J. Edgar Hoover) to grace the dance floor? With pride in his voice he speaks of a wonderful 50 year marriage and subsequent loss, and his decision to move from being solo to social. He found what he was looking for at Jerry Lawrence Studio under the tutorship and friendship of Marta Pascale. His relationships have grown to include many new people in his extended dance family. He calls the dance experience fun, therapy and good for him. Little does he realize it is good for us too. Presently, he admits, he has had to stop his dancing but continues to follow the dance happening around town and on television all the time. He still inspires others through his support of dance. Today, his smiling face can be seen at showcases and productions. If you are performing, his presence can make your day. So, from all of us who know this Old (Young at Heart) Man who jokingly says he retired from the FBI before they stated shooting back, thank you for setting the bar high for all of us to follow.