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CENTER STAGE with Dunny Dunham

Welcome to CENTER STAGE with Millard (Dunny) Dunham

One of the new faces you will be seeing on the USA Dance floor is Millard Dunham, who joined our chapter at the end of May 2011. "Dunny" as his friends call him and his preferred name has lived locally in Ormond Beach close to 40 years except for some brief periods of time spent overseas.

Dunny's daughter (who herself does a little dancing) suggested he learn to dance after his wife passed away to round out his social life that had a missing element in it. No more - now he has new social connections and has already made many new friends in our dance community. Dunny now adds an interest in dancing to his other exciting hobby of travel abroad. He will be spending some time on the Danube River in Europe this summer! In the past, he also enjoyed flying private planes out of the Ormond Beach airport.

Dunny has been taking the beginner lessons sponsored by our Greater Daytona Chapter since October 2010, with instruction from Marta Pascale (our chapter president and certified dance instructor) in East Coast Swing, Waltz, Cha Cha and Rumba. So far, his preference is Waltz danced with a background of piano music. But, of course, after experiencing more dance styles and hearing more music, he is excited to know it is a never ending challenge to develop one's dance patterns and lead a partner confidently in any social setting.

Dunny shared with me something that we have all experienced as new dancers: the anxious feeling of arriving at the dance, not knowing anyone at first, hearing the dance terminology for the first time and trying to train the feet into a dance pattern. Dunny made it through those firsts and now is experiencing the real joy of dancing!

Congratulations, Dunny, and we are glad to call you a member of our chapter.

Note from Marta: Dunny attended a dance recently and after a few dances with him, I asked him to "fess up." I knew that he was doing more than just taking my beginning lessons to be that at ease on the social dance floor. His secret: practice... and it showed! Way to go, Dunny!