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Center Stage with Clarence Pan

Center Stage with Clarence Pan
by Tom Sanders

An Extraordinary Man of Culture and Talent

Have you met Clarence Pan yet? Don't procrastinate; one conversation with this talented man will brighten your day. You see, Clarence has many talents. He can create a magical meal or teach you to cook. He can accompany you at the symphony or he can dazzle you with his concert pianist talent. He can open the world of dance to you, or dance the night away with you. He even serves the community as a patron of the arts. That is only the half of it. Each day the evidence of his caring ways is experienced by students, charities and friends.

Clarence caught the interest of the Daytona Beach News Journal recently and, if you read the paper at Thanksgiving time, you may have enjoyed one of his exquisite recipes. Students and staff members of Daytona State College realize his talents in the Culinary School where he serves as Chef Instructor. Those visiting America as International Students find fun in dancing and social activities through his faculty direction of the International Global Friends program.

This gentleman, who came to America 25 years ago, from China has made a difference! The kind we would all like to share and applaud. If you want to share an awesome conversation with him, you can find him running on the beach, exercising at the gym, Salsa dancing at the Ranch and Ballroom Dancing at our chapter dances and at The Ballroom.

If you attend the Greater Daytona Chapter dances, then you know that Clarence has been serving your interests for many years as Director at Large on the Chapter's Board of Directors. Clarence can be counted upon to assist in any way necessary for the good of the chapter, from set up to clean up to DJing and everything in between.

More can be written about Clarence and his achievements but that would ruin all your fun in finding out for yourself!

Thank you, Clarence, for adding culture, fun and learning to our community! Daytona Beach just wouldn't be the same without your influence!