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Center Stage

Highlights of our chapter members

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Bringing Back the 40s

Greater Daytona Chapter does a PreView show for a Big Band Concert at the News Journal Center of the Arts.

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Eye on the National Chapter Conference

The 6th National USA Dance Chapter Conference was held in Irvine, California at the Airport Hilton. So many chapter leaders are so appreciative of having the education, the chance to meet other chapter leaders and the national leaders that make up our organization.

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Love of Dance - April 1, 2014

An open letter from Tom Sanders

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I Would Love To - October 1, 2013

Just say " I Would Love To....

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Center Stage on Jean Tauber - February 1, 2013

She's Got a Heart of Gold

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Heart of Gold - November 2, 2012

Jean Tauber, chapter grant writer comes through...

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Mall Ball 2012

Turning the Mall into a Ballroom

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What Would We Do Without Henry?

Many of you may know Henry as the mild mannered southern gentleman who seems to stand in the background with his warm personality that make us all feel welcome whenever we encounter him. Well, here is the rest of the story.